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TALTAC Weapon Light Holster

Are you ready for one of the finest weapon light holsters on the market?  Then now is the time to order your light compatible holster from TALTAC.  TALTAC is your premium brand to get the highest quality handmade weapon light holsters on the market.  A TALTAC weapon light holster is made with American materials and American hands to craft every holster. 

weapon light holster

This light compatible holster is one of the most rugged, dependable and comfortable weapon light holsters on the market.  This weapon light holster features some of the most innovative features on the market. Our Kydex weapon light holsters are the pinnacle of protection and performance.  This light compatible holster provides maximum protection for your light and firearm. 

Kydex weapon light holster

Some of the great weapon light holster features we offer are a cut down sweat guard which allows for a better range of motion when your firearm is drawn.  Custom designed to minimize weapon light holster wear on your firearm.  Built for seamless and smooth drawing and reholstering.  Our weapon light holsters are crafted with a superior retention system allows great adjustability without putting added stress on your light.  Built to have Superior durability in a streamlined package.  Our light bearing holsters feature a curved design which allows this system to hug the body and minimize printing while maximizing comfort. 

light bearing holsters

Many other weapon light holster brands can cause damage to your light system with repeated use.  TALTAC light bearing holsters are specially designed to minimize harm and wear to your light system and firearm.  TALTAC weapon light holsters are made to be used with the weapon light attached only.  Although the firearm will still fit and draw from the holster, the light is needed for the retention system to work correctly.  This holster keeps your weapon snug and secure without raddling.  You can adjust the retention to fit your lite or heavy retention needs.  Carrying this weapon light holster concealed or exposed every day will give you the comfort and performance you are looking for either in civilian or professional life.  Order your Taltac Weapon Light Holster today, color options also available. 

2 thoughts on “TALTAC Weapon Light Holster

  1. I’m looking for a holster for my CZ P09 with a VIRIDIAN GREEN™ LASER X5L?

    1. Hello Ed, we appreciate your interest in TALTAC’s premium, hand made holsters. Unfortunately we have checked every resource available to us that could make the mold that would fit your request and we were not able to find a match. We are able to get a mold for the CZ P09 without the laser. We order molds at no extra charge to you so we can make your holster. If you would like to order for the firearm alone please let us know and we would be happy to make your holster. We certainly hope you will keep us in mind for any other future holster needs. We do stock a wide variety of other firearm models. If you have any further inquiries please don’t hesitate to email us again. We hope we can become you resource for the highest quality holsters on the market.

      Thank you,

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