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TALTAC Weapon Light Holster

Are you ready for one of the finest weapon light holsters on the market?  Then now is the time to order your light compatible holster from TALTAC.  TALTAC is your premium brand to get the highest quality handmade weapon light holsters on the market.  A TALTAC weapon light holster is made with American materials and American hands to craft every holster. 

weapon light holster

This light compatible holster is one of the most rugged, dependable and comfortable weapon light holsters on the market.  This weapon light holster features some of the most innovative features on the market. Our Kydex weapon light holsters are the pinnacle of protection and performance.  This light compatible holster provides maximum protection for your light and firearm. 

Kydex weapon light holster

Some of the great weapon light holster features we offer are a cut down sweat guard which allows for a better range of motion when your firearm is drawn.  Custom designed to minimize weapon light holster wear on your firearm.  Built for seamless and smooth drawing and reholstering.  Our weapon light holsters are crafted with a superior retention system allows great adjustability without putting added stress on your light.  Built to have Superior durability in a streamlined package.  Our light bearing holsters feature a curved design which allows this system to hug the body and minimize printing while maximizing comfort. 

light bearing holsters

Many other weapon light holster brands can cause damage to your light system with repeated use.  TALTAC light bearing holsters are specially designed to minimize harm and wear to your light system and firearm.  TALTAC weapon light holsters are made to be used with the weapon light attached only.  Although the firearm will still fit and draw from the holster, the light is needed for the retention system to work correctly.  This holster keeps your weapon snug and secure without raddling.  You can adjust the retention to fit your lite or heavy retention needs.  Carrying this weapon light holster concealed or exposed every day will give you the comfort and performance you are looking for either in civilian or professional life.  Order your Taltac Weapon Light Holster today, color options also available. 

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Dip Can Holster

Dip Can Holsters

Do I really need a chew can holder?  What can they do?  Well, TALTAC is your premium brand to get the highest quality handmade chew can holders on the market.  Stop wearing holes in your pants.  This outside the waistband dip can holster is built for rugged concealment and durability.  It’s a great way to keep your dip handy at all times.  Convenient clip for easy on and off your dress or work belt.  Designed with smooth flowing edges to maximize comfort along the waist. 

Kydex Dip Can Holsters

Unlike a leather dip can holder, our superior Kydex dip can holster will stand up to whatever your workplace demands.  Our dip can holster is simply cleaned with soap and water if you ever get it dirty hunting or on the job site.  This snuff caddy will be your go to dip can holder from now on.  This snuff can holder is even able to clip to your Molle gear.  Clip it to your work belt, work vest or clip it to the visor in your truck so you don’t have to look for your dip while you’re driving.  When you’re ready to get out of the truck, simply take it off the visor and clip it to your belt.   

Snuff Dip Can Holder on Car Visor

This snuff dip can holder has a built in retention to keep your dip right where you left it.  Now you don’t have any more excuses to ruin your Wranglers with a snuff ring in the pocket.  With all our great features and optional print designs you can see why this is one of the best standalone snuff holders on the market.  Carrying this dip can holster will give you the comfort and performance you are looking for either in civilian or professional life.  So stop fumbling around with a worn out pocket and order your dip can holster with your favorite print today.


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Nampa Gun Show January 14/15


Ford Idaho Center in Nampa.

Come check out our premium hand made holsters as well as tactical products. Meet us and learn about why we have some of the best products on the market.  Stop by our booth during the show to find out what gun show specials we are offering.  We look forward to seeing you.

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Specialty Prints




We try to keep the most popular specialty prints in stock at all times.  Specialty prints are only available while supplies last so if you like one, don’t hesitate to get it before it’s gone.  Many of the prints get cycled in and out through the year as the supply changes and may not be there when you check back later.  New holster and print options are uploaded to the website constantly so check back often.

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Boise-Nampa Gun Show Sept 10-11


Boise-Nampa Gun Show at the Ford Idaho Center

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Adjustable Retention

Due to our commitment to excellence, we are constantly finding any way possible to upgrade our holsters.  We have begun the process of making every holster with an adjustable retention.  The photos of the new holsters will be updated on the website as they begin to be put into circulation.  You can see some photos of the new holsters on our social sights like Instagram before they will be available anywhere else.  Even though we have received nothing but positive feedback about our built in retentions, we wanted to offer as many options to personalize your holster while maintaining our structural designs as possible.  We hope everyone will enjoy the new feature and we look forward to your feedback. 


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Universal Background Checks and the Gun Show Loophole


Let’s finally put the uproar about background checks and the gun show loophole to rest.  Every business that sells firearms must be licensed by the ATF with a Federal Firearms License.  Every person who meets the legal requirements of the state they reside in is eligible to purchase a firearm.  Some of the requirements are age, mental health status, criminal record status and domestic violence history.    These are a few of the basics as well as different state laws regarding number of firearms you can purchase and waiting periods. 

All of the businesses must then do a federal background check on the person before they can be sold the firearm.  The person will be approved, delayed or denied on the spot based on the check.  This is the accumulation of information the federal government has gathered based on a person’s contact with various city, county, state and federal governmental agencies.  An approval will let the person complete the purchase, and a denial will not.

Delayed responses mean the government needs to further review the person’s background before a judgement is made.  At this point a person will be told they must wait for a response or no response from the government on whether the sale can be completed.  It should be noted that many businesses will later receive an approved check on a delayed response only to lose thousands of dollars in sales from customers who do not return.

A business must complete this same background check process whether they are at their shop or selling at a gun show.  So the argument that we should have universal background checks is unfounded since the entire country already has mandatory background checks on every firearm sold by a dealer.  The only reason gun shows may be singled out as a loophole is for private person sales.  Again this does not affect the mandatory background check a business conducts at the gun shows. 

The reason a person is able to sell a firearm at a gun show without doing a background check is because it is a private person’s transfer of property.  This is the same as if the person were selling the firearm from their home, not at the gun show.  It should also be noted that many states do not allow this private sale to happen and have laws on the books for the transfer to be done with a background check from a FFL holder.  In the states that do allow this to happen it is widely understood that a person has the right to sell his or her personal property without involving the government.  Imagine if you had to involve the government to sell your steak knives, car or a baseball bat since all these things can be used as weapons.  Many private sales that occur at gun shows are made by people buying and selling antique firearms or collectors. 

To sum it up, next time someone says we need universal background checks let them know they are already in place.  We as a free society cannot stop all violence and evil in the world.  No system is perfect and never can be as man is flawed.  People who intend to do harm will always find a way to get a firearm, no law will ever stop it.  Look at the fact that we already have laws against rape, robbery and murder but the violence still occurs. 

We can however ensure that law abiding citizens who do legally pass their background check will be able to have a firearm for their protection, hunting, collecting or family traditions.  So legally carry, train with and responsibly handle your legally obtained firearms.  While you’re at it think about wrapping it in a beautiful, rugged hand crafted holster from TALTAC.  WWW.TALTACMFG.COM