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We would like to start with giving our sympathies to the families and friends of the victims of the Orlando shooting.  It is always a dark day when our countrymen’s blood is spilled.  It is unfortunate that everyone goes to their immediate political corners to begin trying to push an agenda based on a tragedy.  There are so many stories being pushed about how guns are the problem and if we only had more laws we could avoid these tragedies.  I only want to make a few quick points regarding the issue and let it rest.

“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

Benjamin Franklin

So much can be said for such a simple quote about how our founders used their wisdom and experience to state truth and how our society is deteriorating from once held common sense.  We already have laws against rape, murder, robbery and theft.  Yet all of these things still occur in our society.  People commit these crimes not the inanimate objects that may be used during the commission.  Firearms have no will, hate or bias to do anything on their own.  So why don’t we with clear eyes look at the real problem; in this case a radical terrorist ideology as the cause of this tragedy.

Firearms should be looked at as the best means for the common man or woman to successfully and effectively defend themselves or others.  If five people at this club were able to pull out their own weapons and fire back, this may have been a different story.  So we do encourage everyone who can legally possess a firearm to get trained and carry their weapon as a defense against these types of evil acts.  Disarming the population only makes common citizens easier targets for the bad guys who will always find a way to inflict harm on to others.  So in closing let’s not destroy our freedoms for a false sense of security, lets embrace them and use them to fight back against those who wish us and our county harm.


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  1. Well said!

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