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Dip Can Holster

Dip Can Holsters

Do I really need a chew can holder?  What can they do?  Well, TALTAC is your premium brand to get the highest quality handmade chew can holders on the market.  Stop wearing holes in your pants.  This outside the waistband dip can holster is built for rugged concealment and durability.  It’s a great way to keep your dip handy at all times.  Convenient clip for easy on and off your dress or work belt.  Designed with smooth flowing edges to maximize comfort along the waist. 

Kydex Dip Can Holsters

Unlike a leather dip can holder, our superior Kydex dip can holster will stand up to whatever your workplace demands.  Our dip can holster is simply cleaned with soap and water if you ever get it dirty hunting or on the job site.  This snuff caddy will be your go to dip can holder from now on.  This snuff can holder is even able to clip to your Molle gear.  Clip it to your work belt, work vest or clip it to the visor in your truck so you don’t have to look for your dip while you’re driving.  When you’re ready to get out of the truck, simply take it off the visor and clip it to your belt.   

Snuff Dip Can Holder on Car Visor

This snuff dip can holder has a built in retention to keep your dip right where you left it.  Now you don’t have any more excuses to ruin your Wranglers with a snuff ring in the pocket.  With all our great features and optional print designs you can see why this is one of the best standalone snuff holders on the market.  Carrying this dip can holster will give you the comfort and performance you are looking for either in civilian or professional life.  So stop fumbling around with a worn out pocket and order your dip can holster with your favorite print today.


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