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TalTac’s Commitment to Excellence

Our hand crafted custom holsters are a cut above. Unlike many of our competitors, our holsters are custom designed with features you may not find anywhere else. Made with American materials by American craftsman. TALTAC holsters are designed to minimize holster wear on your firearm. We know you work hard for the money you use to buy a firearm so we make holsters that protect that investment. Our standard cut uses a minimized sweat guard to give the user maximum range of motion when the firearm is drawn so you don’t have excess Kydex digging into your side. We do offer a full sweat guard option as well.



Our holsters are designed so there is plenty of room for your hand to grip your firearm uncovered or wearing gloves. We have custom designed retention’s to maximize performance.  Our holsters are custom shaped to comfortably fit along your waist. Our holsters are designed with maximum coverage of the essential parts of your firearm to minimize dirt and debris getting to your firearm.


We use thicker Kydex (.08) than most of our competitors to assure the quality and durability of your holster. This holster wasn’t designed just for looks; all TALTAC holsters are made with a singular mission of providing the best performance and functionality for the user. All holsters come with a flared rim for the best re-holstering possible in stressful situations. This assures you do not get your gun caught on a sharp Kydex rim. This rim is so durable that you will also be able to perform one handed slide manipulation from the rim of the holster in an emergency.



The holsters have all rounded edges to assure maximum comfort for everyday use. TALTAC takes pride in custom making all the belt loops used on our holsters. This allows us to put out some of the thickest and most durable loops on the market. We have one of the fastest fulfillment operations in the industry.  Our average fulfillment time for your item to be shipped is within one week of the order being placed. TALTAC stands behind the quality, comfort and durability of its products which is why we give a 30 day test drive and a Lifetime Warranty.  For more information see our site policy and shipping links.


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If you have any questions regarding our products or are having trouble placing an order on the website, you may call us at 208-908-6187 (0900-1700 MST Monday-Friday).